Satellite Cellular Backhaul:
New business opportunity for Telcos_

What’s happening in the digital world?

Communications play a major role in our lives. We use mobile phones as an essential tool to manage our social and business lives. As Telcos, delivering this connectivity is our main goal.

However, the delivery of voice and data services is not so easy when it comes to rural and remote areas, as most of them are beyond the reach of terrestrial infrastructure.

The solution to the challenge of expanding coverage in these particular locations is Satellite Cellular Backhaul.

Discover all the advantages this service can bring

Did you know that Telefónica has built a Satellite Expert hub?
Our experts are at your disposal

Our team of Global Satellite Experts operates across the world, analyzing the maturity of each market in order to deliver the most Innovative Technology from the market's leading satellite players.


Our Mission

At Telefónica we want to help other Telcos generate new business opportunities, and to create a collaborative environment in which we can unite to capture these opportunities, by offering the latest generation of satellite solutions. This is what we call Telco4Telco.

With the Satellite Cellular Backhaul service, our customers will be able to boost their terrestrial networks quickly, as well as reach areas that they cannot usually reach, whilst also being able to backup their main terrestrial links.


  • Reduce OPEX by up to 40%
  • Increase customer lifetime value and loyalty
  • Became an influencer Telco offering connectivity everywhere
  • Create a new revenue area

In a nutshell: Offer your clients the best mobile user experience.

Discover the benefits for your company by watching this webinar.

Why Telefónica?

Let Telefónica, a world leading Telco, help you via our Telco4Telco initiative. We offer our know-how to provide Opex savings of up to 40% using totally personalized integrated solutions (consultancy, roll-out and maintenance), in a technologically agnostic way, to ensure you get the best value from Satellite technology.

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