Telcos are ideally positioned for security business_

Telco4Telco Mission

At Telefónica we have been investing resources to develop digital solutions, including Security, Big Data, Cloud and IoT, for over 15 years, deploying them in the 17 operating businesses that form the Telefónica Group and providing services to more than 320 million clients globally.

Today, we want to share with other Telcos our experience in Cybersecurity with the aim of creating a collaborative environment for Telcos, so we can unite and identify business opportunities while protecting our clients. This is what we call Telco4Telco.

"We need a partner organization who can help and support us to be in the market with security services"Kamran Ahsan,
Director/Security Services. Etisalat.

Discover more about the growing importance of Security Services
in a digitalized world in this video